4 Crucial Methods For Preventing Infertility in Men From An Early Age

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November 28, 2020
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4 Crucial Methods For Preventing Infertility in Men From An Early Age

4 Crucial Methods For Preventing Infertility in Men From An Early Age

Infertility is an umbrella term for all the conditions that prevent women and men from having a child. However, these problems can be rooted differently either in the female or the male partner. There are various causes of female infertility which are widely discussed. Male infertility issues, on the other hand, aren’t given much thought or importance in our society.

Today, reduced semen quality, genital infections, varicocele, etc., are just some of the disorders for which men seek male infertility treatment in Pune. And most of these disorders can be easily avoided simply by nurturing your overall health. If you’re a young adult planning to start a family soon, you must practice the following factors in your routine life to ensure good fertility:

Maintain An Ideal Bodyweight:

Obesity is the leading cause of infertility in men and women equally. Excess body fat reduces the body’s ability to perform vital functions with agility and negatively impacts the reproductive system.

A regular exercise routine to reduce excess fat and maintain an ideal weight close to your BMI ensures healthy operations of the reproductive system and even improves sperm quality.

Follow A Balanced Diet:

Reducing the intake of fats or carbs cannot be considered a balanced diet unless you’re trying to lose excess weight.

Our infertility specialist in Pune suggests that a balanced diet includes the right contents of monounsaturated fats, vegetable proteins, high-fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrate-rich foods.

Hence, make sure to eat sufficient amounts of whole foods, fruits, green leafy vegetables, legumes, and nuts in your daily meals.

Monitor your Lifestyle Choices:

Infertility doctors in Pune suggest that the increasing number of Indian men with poor sperm quality is primarily due to our current lifestyle.

Being sedentary for the major part of the day, increasing mental stress, excess smoking and drinking problems, and increased harmful environmental toxicants are some of the factors contributing to the lifestyle-driven male infertility disorders today.

All men today must watch their habits and inculcate more health-oriented activities in their routine. They must avoid smoking, drinking, and take necessary precautions to prevent environmental pollutants from affecting their bodies and affecting their reproductive system.

Timely Undergo Fertility Tests:

The gravest problem with Indian men is their mentality of considering infertility test a taboo or something questioning their masculinity. We must understand that infertility is a medical disorder with appropriate treatments.

Then, like for any other disorder, you can opt to have preventive, diagnostic tests, which include semen analysis, hormone levels checks, and comprehensive physical examinations for early detection of any secondary problems of infertility.


At SaiShree IVF, our infertility specialist in Pune continually strives to spread awareness about today’s male infertility crisis. If you’ve been trying to have a baby for about twelve months without any success, you must consult our doctors and seek our advanced male infertility treatment in Pune.


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