4 Major Ways Obesity Affects Female Infertility

At present, obesity continues to be a growing problem in the developing and the developed urban population. Unhealthy lifestyle, high consumption of fatty food items that have high fat and cholesterol content, and lack of physical exercise, continue to be the major factors that increase obesity. We are aware of the ill-effects of obesity including, heart diseases, joint problems, diabetes, etc. However, very little light is thrown on how obesity has a severe impact on female infertility. Several studies have revealed that obesity among women continues to be a growing concern worldwide. Hence, it is essential to address this issue and take the right precaution to avoid obesity.

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Obesity and fertility


1. Obesity negatively affects hormones

When the body mass index goes well past the overweight zone (BMI – 25-29.9) and hovers around the obese region, there is a high possibility of hormonal changes occurring in the body. Hence, when there are changes in the hormones, the chances of conception reduce as a result.


2. Obesity triggers insulin resistance

obesity triggers insulin resistance

As mentioned previously, an imbalance in the hormones due to obesity can eventually lead to insulin resistance. Apart from increased insulin resistance that leads to diabetes, insulin resistance has an impact on fertility and could potentially also create unusual menstrual cycles.


3. Obesity could affect the chances of natural and assisted pregnancy

It is safe to say that individuals who are obese find it very difficult to become pregnant regardless whether it is a natural pregnancy or assisted pregnancy using advanced reproductive technologies such as in-vitro fertilization. Moreover, obesity also increases your chances of a miscarriage.


4. Obesity leads to complications related to pregnancy

The chances of a complicated pregnancy is higher in women who are obese. The various complicated problems that may occur due to obesity include preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, blood clotting, infection, hypertension, etc. In addition, obesity at the time of pregnancy could result in sleep apnea. High blood pressure, increased fatigue, lung or heart disorders, etc are some of the other issues related to obesity and pregnancy.


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