5 Important Points You Should Consider Before Opting for an Embryo Adoption

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5 Important Points You Should Consider Before Opting for an Embryo Adoption

Infertility issues could be disheartening and could potentially leave individuals and couples devastated. Having a child of their own is one of the major milestones in people’s lives and problems related to infertility could shatter their hopes. However, due to advances in technology, fertility treatments are also evolving resulting in higher success rates and effectiveness. There is no doubt these advancements in technology have emerged as a ray of light for individuals seeking assistance related to infertility. Embryo donation is one of the several infertility treatments that has garnered a significant amount of interest in the last couple of decades. Embryo donation refers to the transfer of an embryo that is non-autologous. In simple terms, the receiver of the fertilized embryo is not connected to the person who has donated the egg or the sperm.

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Before you opt for an embryo adoption, one needs to be aware of the pros and cons and carry out an in-depth research on the topic. The topic is applicable to:

1. Any individual considering an IVF treatment
2. An individual who may have undergone an IVF cycle with unused embryos
3. Individuals who are unable to start a family of their own

Here are a few important things you should know if you are considering an embryo adoption treatment.

1. Understand what you are getting into

An embryo adoption treatment could potentially be an emotional rollercoaster. Hence, if you are considering donating or receiving an embryo, it is highly recommended you speak to a fertility psychologist and specialist before making a decision. Moreover, apart from being an emotional process for you, it also takes an emotional toll on your family. Thus, consult a trusted therapist and ensure you are well aware of what is in store for you.

2. Be aware of the common symptoms

There are a few questions you need to answer depending on whether you are a recipient of a donor. It is recommended to find answers to these questions to get a better understanding of the topic. Moreover, it will also help you overcome your anxiety.

Questions for donor families

Will the child from the embryo have a healthy and a safe environment?

How do I make sure I am not doing anything wrong by donating my embryo?

Questions for recipient families

What is the medical and mental health history of the sperm and the egg donor for this embryo?

To what extent should the donors get involved with the whole process?

Will the child feel like mine?

What is the child likely to feel after finding out?

The aforementioned questions are highly common and hence, it is essential to talk to someone who has rich expertise in the field.

3. Reach out to people in the same situation

Reaching out to people who are in the same situation as yours could be very helpful. Reach out to individuals who are going through the same kind of experience as yours and try to be as open as you can with them. Having a discussion will help you overcome this emotional phase of your life with a better frame of mind.

4. Legal phase

After you have become acquainted with the donor family and the fertility psychologist, you are ready to enter the legal phase where you are likely to discuss the possibilities beforehand. Although it may not be easy to, it is very crucial.

5. Think how you are going to break the news to your child

One has to think about how they are going to tell the child about the embryo adoption. It is a good idea to let the child know gradually as they are growing up till it becomes a natural part of his/her upbringing. Discussing and being open with your child will help you avoid awkward discussions in the future.

Sai Shree IVF is a well-established and one of the best infertility clinics in Pune. Moreover, we have treated thousands of happy patients and guided them through their treatment to ensure they are aware of the treatment they have opted for. Our team consists of some of the most accomplished infertility specialists in Pune. Contact Sai Shree IVF to book an appointment today!

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