5 Things Women Need to Consider Before Stepping into Parenthood

Infertility is one of the most granted and ignored medical condition until you actually want to put it in use. As women age, the numbers and quality of eggs start deteriorating. Do not panic. A woman is born with more than 2 million eggs which they gradually lose them throughout their life and menstrual cycle. If you are taking good care of yourself, odds are in your favor and your eggs are doing well too.

A woman’s body is complicated and differs from one person to the other. Are you well aware of your body? Do you know what is clitoris and where is it located? What is birth control? What are your reproductive rights? Where is the nearest fertility centre in Pune? Today, we are about to discuss 5 major points that every woman must take note to help them prepare for making healthy decisions for their body, themselves, and overall health.

1) Know Your Menstrual Cycle

A healthy menstrual cycle plays an important role in your health. Are your periods regular? How long does your cycle last? Has your period cycle changed recently? Know every aspect of your menstrual hygiene. In case you are planning a family, these points must be answered. Visit your nearest fertility clinic in Pune and get your health evaluated by best-certified specialists.

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2) Birth Control Options

Going on birth control pills does not mean you are killing your eggs. You are simply not using them to ovulate. Our expert IVF doctors in Pune believe pills shouldn’t impact a woman’s future fertility at all. On a positive note, if a woman is suffering from endometriosis, birth control pills actually help your fertility by maintaining your condition. The pills also help decrease your chances of ovarian cancer.

3) How safe is the IUD?

Intrauterine Device (IUD) is one type of birth control option. It is the most effective way for women to prevent pregnancy after having intercourse. Know your birth control options and reproductive rights to help prevent any future complications.

4) Know your fertility resources

Most of the women cut off from their friend circle and society once struck by infertility. Our doctors believe infertility is just a medical condition which can be medicated and cured. If you have been trying unprotected sex for more than 12 months and failing, it’s high time you visit our IVF doctors in Pune. We will evaluate and examine your health conditions to help you achieve parenthood.

5) Know your body

Let’s face it women – Our bodies are complicated. There are numerous structures, muscles, nerves, and hormones that we are unaware of. But, understanding our own body is very essential. Being able to understand what your body wants to say in terms of symptoms and signs help you with having a healthy conversation with your doctor and find the right reason behind your infertility or any rising health complication.

At Saishree IVF, we make sure each of our patients (both men and women) receives quality stat of the art infertility treatment and therefore, we remain upgraded with advanced equipment and standard technology. Most of all, our well-accomplished board-certified medical team ensure you receive the right care and support throughout your infertility journey. Book your appointment today and step into the parenthood journey.

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Saishree IVF
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