6 Common Questions About Embryo Transfers – Answered By IVF Experts!

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Frequently Asked Questions About ICSI Treatment
May 19, 2020
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6 Common Questions About Embryo Transfers – Answered By IVF Experts!

6 Common Questions About Embryo Transfers - Answered By IVF Experts_

IVF is a long and exhaustive procedure where ever step is painstakingly monitored and executed. The embryo transfer process is typically the final step of an IVF treatment. The success rate of this treatment has increased substantially due to the development of innovative techniques like frozen embryo transfers. Although it is completely safe, many couples have doubts and uncertainty about this process and how it would help them fall pregnant.

To help you understand at least the basics of the embryo transfer process, here are some brief answers to some common questions faced by our experts regarding this process:

When Is Embryo Transfer Done?

Typically, embryo transfer is conducted at day 2 to day 5 after egg retrieval process, where the eggs from the mother’s ovaries are extracted and exposed to fertile sperms. The resulting pre-embryos are cultured in a controlled environment for three to five days before getting them ready for embryo transfer.

Though it is possible to transfer the pre-embryos once they reach the two-cell stage, it is best to wait until it reaches the blastocyst stage of rapid cell division when they have 200-300 cells. This is why the five-day wait is needed during in-lab culturing.

What Is The Embryo Transfer Process?

To be more specific, this process is the ‘fresh embryo transfer’ process, which is an entirely non-invasive process that doesn’t require any sedation.

After a series of verification tests, one or more embryos are carefully loaded in a thin, sterile catheter.  Now, using an ultrasound visual guidance system, the  catheter is inserted through the vagina, and the embryos are deposited into the uterus.

What Is A Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Unlike in a fresh embryo transfer cycle, where the embryos are freshly retrieved and transferred within a short period, in a frozen embryo transfer process, cryogenically frozen embryos retrieved from the patient’s past IVF treatment  are thawed and used for  transfer. These frozen embryos can be used many years after their freezing.

Is Frozen Embryo Transfer As Successful As Fresh Embryo Transfer?

Yes, several studies have proven that one can expect the same success rate from frozen embryo process as from the fresh embryo process, or even more. In fact, as frozen embryo transfer provides the opportunity to optimize the lining of the uterus before implantation, it can have a slightly higher success rate of leading to pregnancy.

What Precautions Are To Be Taken After Having An Embryo Transfer Procedure?

  • After the embryo transfer process, you’ll be asked to rest on your back in the recovery room for a few hours until you’re discharged.
  • You may experience some abdominal discomfort or a feeling of fullness near your ovaries, which is natural.
  • Avoid doing strenuous activities for a couple of days, but continue your routine tasks without bed rest.
  • Continue to take your prescribed progesterone supplements until your pregnancy is confirmed.

How Do I Know If I’m Pregnant After The Embryo Transfer?

You won’t have to take any pregnancy test for at least ten days after the embryo transfer process. You’ll have to visit your IVF center within the next week and get a blood test to confirm your pregnancy.

The early signs of your potential pregnancy will include light spotting, cramps, nausea. You also experience a change in your breasts and your menstruation cycle.


Having a successful pregnancy through IVF treatment is a process that requires both the doctor and the patient to work with faith and diligence. And if you’re looking for an IVF centre in Pune where you can find doctors who will help you achieve your dream of parenthood successfully, then come down to our Sai Shree IVF centre. Our doctors, who specialize in infertility treatments, are also known for empathetically guiding their clients throughout the challenges of the IVF process. You can visit the Sai Shree IVF website to learn more about getting an embryo adoption in Pune.

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