6 Reasons For The Surging Infertility Rates In Women Under 30

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9 Common Factors Which Cause Infertility in Women
November 19, 2019
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December 13, 2019
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6 Reasons For The Surging Infertility Rates In Women Under 30

6 Reasons For The Surging Infertility Rates In Women Under 30

Several newly married young couples these days prefer avoiding pregnancy for a few years until they are comfortable with each other. This choice often leads to frequent consumption of contraceptives and other preventive measures which very openly come with their share of side effects. Hence, the chances of such couples facing infertility-related problems when trying to fall pregnant have increased rapidly during this decade. Around 18% of newlywed couples, i.e. close to 27 million couples in India trying to conceive are facing infertility issues today.

However, it is only the most known reason behind this rising pregnancy issues in young women under the age of 30. Here are some other prime causes of this infertility epidemic in India:

Stressful & Sedentary Lifestyle:

Surely, the career-oriented lifestyle that most young women are living today helps them improve their standard of living, but their achievements may come with a downside.

Due to longer hectic working hours, most couples don’t find the time and the energy for frequent intercourse which can help them get pregnant.

Working long nights cause unwanted changes in their biological cycle.

These extended hours also keep women stationery for the better half of the day, which severely degrades their fertility.

Smoking and Drinking Habits:

Tobacco and alcohol are known adversaries of fertile eggs. As compared to non-smoking women who easily conceive within a year, women who consume tobacco will take more than twice the time for doing the same, making them twice as likely to be infertile.

Smoking degrades the DNA of fertile eggs, their ability to reach the uterus and the uterine walls.

Consuming alcohol also depletes the quality of the eggs and increases the risk of miscarriage.

Hormonal Imbalance:

The pituitary glands produce two hormones, i.e., the FSH and LH which are responsible for stimulating the ovulation process every month.

Improper body weight caused by physical and mental exertion disturbs this hormonal production and cause ovulation issues.

It may also lead to hyperprolactinaemia, where these glands produce excessive prolactin hormones which reduce estrogen levels, ultimately degrading one’s fertility.

Endometriosis And Cervix Problems:

When the tissues in uterus implants develop in outer parts in the form of cysts, the chances of pregnancy are severely hampered.

Congenital problems related to the cervix can also prevent the eggs from fertilizing.

Cervical Stenosis is a condition where the cervix contracts and hampers sperm movement. Sometimes, the mucus production in the cervix can be inadequate, preventing the sperm from travelling through the cervix into the uterus.

Premature Ovarian Failure:

This disorder is an autoimmune response based issue where the body starts losing healthy eggs prematurely, and the ovary then stops producing healthy eggs.

It largely reduces the estrogen levels in women who are under the age of 30.

It is quite difficult to work against this nuclear lifestyle of ours, and all we can do is take care of our health by practising fertility-friendly habits.

However, IVF (test tube technique) is emerging as the best way to have a family despite all the congenital and acquired diseases. It is safe, affordable and readily available at any test tube baby centre in Pune.

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