Are IVF Babies Normal Compared to Other Babies?

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Are IVF Babies Normal Compared to Other Babies?

Are IVF Babies Normal Compared to Other Babies

People are still very new to the process of having babies through medical technology. They still believe in the natural process of childbirth. The process of in-vitro fertilization helps couples intending for a child of their own genetics. Though this process was invented 40 years ago, it remains an issue and embarrassment to go through that process.

IVF treatment is considered for couples who try having a child for 12 months through intercourse but are unsuccessful and they also fail to concieve with initial treatment like ovulation induction and planned relation and IUI. According to our IVF doctor in Pune, medical technology has proven that if couples don’t conceive through natural processes, that doesn’t mean that they are infertile. Through IVF, they still stand a chase of gaining the joy of having children.

Are babies born with the IVF method healthy?

Many couples doubt that children born with the help of technology can be born abnormal or unhealthy. But, according to several IVF specialists in Pune, children born with IVF are as normal as naturally born babies. The IVF process is as natural as the reproductive process. The only difference is that the embryo is processed in the laboratory.

Couples usually opt for IVF when they are incapable of producing high-quality sperm or eggs. As the embryo is produced and fertilized in the lab, it can be a point of concern for the parents not trusting the IVF process. Especially mothers harbor lots of doubts before conceiving. Even the educated class has been conservative about the technical method of conceiving.

However, the babies born through the IVF process are normal and have the physical capabilities and attributes of the parents. There is no genetic difference between normal babies and IVF born. People can’t make out easily without telling if a child is a normal born or a test-tube baby.

It is a myth that test-tube babies are not normal. Unfortunately, there has been false information passed on regarding the IVF process. Some couples feel like a test-tube baby won’t be like their own child and therefore believe more in natural birth. But, there is no difference or genetic issues with following this process.

Saishree IVF clinic in Pune has helped lots of couples become parents at a later age. We have the best IVF doctor In Pune to guide couples through the entire process of IVF and have welcomed more than 300 healthy babies till now. For more detailed information on the IVF process, feel free to contact us and book an appointment today.

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