Are IVF Babies normal compared to other Babies?

IVF treatments are still new to people as they lay skeptical belief on medical technology. But, it is true. Using In-Vitro Fertilization treatment, the intended parents can give birth to a baby of their own genetics. A treatment that came into the picture 40 years ago is still a potential debating topic among the science experts and their critics. One major concern of this debate is – Are the IVF babies normal compared to other babies conceived naturally?

If a couple fails to conceive after trying Sexual intercourse for continuous 12 months, medically they are an infertile couple. But, that doesn’t deprive them of having a child of their own, especially not when medical science has grown to answer every physical problem in the human body. There are stupendous questions regarding the health of babies developed through IVF. One main reason for this might be the early disturbance created while developing the embryo in a laboratory setup.

Our expert IVF doctors in Pune states that “IVF babies are as normal as other babies”. The technology used for IVF is “Assisted Reproductive Technology” rather than “Artificial Reproductive Technology”. The eggs of the women are fertilized with the quality sperms of the male partner inside a laboratory setup. This fusion results in the formation of an embryo. Once the embryo grows to be healthy, it is placed inside the womb of the mother through her cervix and from then, the pregnancy is carried on like any other natural pregnancy.

Since the evolution of IVF treatments, more than five million babies are born with the help of ART method. The test tube baby center in Pune is focused on upgrading their technology rapidly to meet the effectiveness of human birth procedures. We cannot deny the fact that IVF treatments are more like an emotional process rather than a medical one. There are expectations of parents, families, and the doctors involved. Therefore, never compromise over the quality of your IVF hospitals.

Why Saishree IVF?

Over the years, Saishree IVF has helped hundreds of intended parents give birth to a healthy baby who can successfully continue the genetic legacy. Whether you are looking for embryo adoption in Pune or egg donation and ICSI treatment, our expert team come up with quality results limitless to the complexity of the case. After all, No couples should be deprived of the overwhelming joy of parenthood. Hence, we are ever ready to go to extremes to fulfill your life with parental joy.

Saishree IVF
Saishree IVF
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