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Can I Plan Second IVF Baby?

IVF baby

The couples who experience parenthood with IVF or other Assisted-Reproductive Technology (ART) procedures undergo emotional and social turmoil. After months of medical supervision and hospital visits, they finally start a family with their little bundle of joy. The amount of happiness and satisfaction in holding their child has no boundary. However, many couples still feel incomplete and want to have a second child through IVF and ART procedures.

The search for a companion or playmate for their child brings them back to our IVF specialist for IVF treatment in Pune. This blog will discuss the success rate and determining factors of IVF for the second child.

The Determining Factor

Having a second child is absolutely fine for intended couples. What matters is the planning and professional help to conceive the next child through IVF. Studies have shown that a woman, after giving live birth via ART procedure, has 51%-88% higher chances of conceiving a second child.
However, planning a child after several years of first delivery can disrupt the chances of a successful result. Age factor plays a crucial role in determining the fertility rate through IVF. Therefore, most of the IVF specialists suggest couples planning a second child to plan sooner.

Frozen embryos

Many couples seek help from an embryo adoption center in Pune that can offer them frozen embryos. Records say that frozen embryos have a higher chance of successful pregnancy than naturally stimulated eggs.

Many couples freeze their embryos at the time of the first IVF pregnancy. The embryo adoption clinic collects frozen embryos from couples if they are unwilling to have a second child in the future. Later, if the couples have a change of heart, they can use their frozen embryos and expand their family.
In some cases, the couples prefer freezing their eggs and sperm at an early age, as they understand that their eggs and sperm quality will degrade over time.

Realistic Expectation

Although frozen embryos have shown excellent results while conceiving a second child through IVF, this doesn’t mean every couple will experience success again. Many determining factors can manipulate the development and the fertilization process. The couple’s past medical history also plays a vital role in this process. Your infertility specialist will perform a thorough examination of your health to determine whether it’s safe to conceive one more baby. If you listen to the experts, we would suggest planning a second child at the earliest after you have the first successful IVF baby.

Saishree IVF has helped many couples experience the joy of parenthood. The procedures will be familiar to you this time. You can take better care of your health and prepare your body to conceive once more. Our world-class treatment, team’s skills, and modern technological approach have made us the most-sought infertility clinic in Pune.
Know your fertility chances through IVF. Get in touch with our expert infertility doctors and team.

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