Diabetes and Female Infertility: Are they interlinked?

Waiting for a positive result when trying to conceive is an exciting event but can get discouraging and frustrating if the wait is too long. While you and your partner might be following the rulebook of fertility religiously, from fertility diet to special exercise to right supplements, if the results are still negative, it is time for you to get a simple blood test to check your glucose levels. Saishree IVF, the best fertility center in Pune, has been delivering the best infertility treatments to mothers who have not been able to conceive due to diabetes.

Diabetes and infertility

With the rising incidences of diabetes in India, doctors are now considering the condition to be the reason for lower rates of fertility in women. While diabetes alone does not keep women from getting pregnant, it often keeps them from staying pregnant. A higher level of glucose prevents the embryo from implanting in the uterus, causing a miscarriage. Therefore, it is crucial to check with your doctor for diabetes for both infertility issue and recurrent miscarriages.
Women who have PCOS condition are also the risk of infertility as they develop insulin resistance that causes ovulatory problem leading to irregular periods. This enables cysts to develop within ovaries and the eggs are trapped inside, ultimately halting your ovulation. However, high levels of glucose can be controlled with lifestyle changes from the diet, to exercise to maintain your weight will help you restore your fertility.

Diabetes and infertility

Apart from miscarriages, diabetes can also cause you problems post-pregnancy with premature delivery of or cause birth defects in the baby. High sugar levels can also lead to delivering a heavy baby, increasing the chances of a c-section that can lead to infection.
Taking prenatal vitamins, losing weight, quitting unhealthy habits are few of the tips you can follow to increase your chances of fertility. Also, controlling your daily sugar levels for almost 3-6 months prior to conceiving will give your body a better chance to prepare for a pregnancy. It is recommended by the doctors to get your A1C levels below 6.5 before trying to get pregnant.

Female infertility

While it is understandable that you might be concerned about getting pregnant with your condition, but at Saishree IVF, we have the Best infertility doctors in Pune who will ensure that you receive excellent care and best possible treatment for infertility. With the help of cutting edge technology, state of the art infrastructure and a dexterous team of highly adept doctors, working round the clock, we offer unmatched infertility treatment in Pune, to fulfill your dream of parenthood.

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