Does PCOS Affect Fertility Potential In Women?

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Does PCOS affect Fertility Potential in Women?

Certain medical conditions change our life forever. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is one such example where women undergo hormonal imbalances and metabolism problems that affect them physically, mentally, and socially too. This condition is more common in women of reproductive age, and its symptoms include irregular menstrual cycle, acne, thin hair, and weight gain.

PCOS and Fertility Problems
Most of the women who visit our infertility specialist in Pune suffer from PCOS, which makes PCOS one of the most common reasons a woman has trouble getting pregnant. Women diagnosed with PCOS condition has larger ovaries than average. The bigger ovaries can have many tiny cysts that contain immature eggs.

Women suffering from PCOS produce higher-than-normal levels of androgen. The androgen hormone plays a significant role in the development of male sex organs and other male traits. In women, the male hormones (androgen) gets converted into estrogen.

Ovulation Challenges
The high levels of androgen interfere with the woman’s egg development process and regular release of the eggs. Due to the lack of healthy eggs, the male sperm fails to fertilize her eggs, which means she fails to get pregnant. The major drawback of PCOS is irregular periods, as it makes it more challenging for a woman to ovulate and produce a healthy egg for the fertilization process.

How to Overcome PCOS and Fertility Challenges?
Fortunately, Saishree IVF and its best infertility doctor in Pune has helped many women with PCOS have healthy pregnancies. We recommend medication, lifestyle changes, and fertility treatments to increase their chances of getting pregnant.

While considering fertility treatments, make sure you have the best IVF centre in Pune as the most specialized doctor will make sure you get the right dose of medicines and prescribe regular checkups and ultrasound to keep track of your growth and development of the baby.

Are you suffering from PCOS? Are you planning to start a family of your own? Visit Saishree IVF, and our expert doctors will work closely to help your PCOS get under control to achieve a healthy pregnancy. Visit us today.

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