Egg donation

Pregnancy through Egg donation is one of the crucial opportunities for women, who have exhausted all other options of achieving pregnancy through their own ovum. The life of a baby starts when an oocyte, known in common terms as egg or ovum of a woman, fuses with the sperm of a man to form an embryo. But the situation becomes tough when the ovaries no more produce suitable ovum to facilitate natural or assisted reproduction. SaiShree Infertility Hospital, the renowned test tube baby center in Pune, realizes the gravity of the situation and recommends availing the services of egg donation.

Who requires egg donation:

Our expert doctors in the arena of gynecology recommend the couples to avail the service of egg donation on following medical instances:

  • Diagnostic tests revealing absence of eggs
  • Presence of unhealthy eggs that does not have the potential to develop into an embryo
  • Women who have achieved menopausal period
  • Repeated failures in all avenues of Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART)
  • Removal of ovary to address earlier medical conditions
  • Destruction of eggs for women who have undergone radiation or chemotherapy as a part of cancer treatment
  • Presence of chromosomal defects in women who do not want to pass on the same to their child

How do we help?

As a mission to help couples to enjoy the life with their own child, SaiShree Infertility Hospital offers egg donation services in Pune as a part of our assisted reproductive technique. We, not only advise our patients about the possible techniques to go about, but also assist them in choosing the donor who conforms to their requirements. Again as an endeavor to render the best services to our clients, all our donors are extensively screened on psychological, physiological, and personal history parameters.


Once the egg is retrieved from the donor it is fused with the sperm of your partner in a culture medium under specially controlled environment and constantly observed for proper growth of an embryo. Subsequently, the embryo is transferred through IVF techniques to the uterus of the woman partner or surrogate mother as the case may be. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, routine medical examinations and diagnostic tests are conducted to ensure the proper growth of the child in the womb.

Can surrogacy be coupled with egg donation?

Absolutely! Our proficient doctors are very much determined to see you enjoying your child’s smile. Hence if need arises, surrogacy can be conducted through donated eggs. Few instances where surrogacy becomes important are:

  • Absence or removal of uterus
  • Weak uterus
  • Multiple failures in pregnancy.

While interacting with our patients about egg donation in Pune at our clinic, we always encounter the question of the legal status of a child born out of a donated egg, as the baby would be genetically linked only with father but not the mother. As per the legal framework of India, we hereby confirm that the donor of the egg has no legal claim over the baby and hence the couple can be absolutely free of stress.

If you are looking for a suitable egg donor for you or your partner and exploring the avenues of pregnancy through ART, be rest assured. We at SaiShree Infertility Hospital do our best to create the best possible chances of pregnancy. Contact us for an initial consultation, so that you can make an informed decision.

1How does egg donation work?
Egg donation refers to a fertility treatment in which the donor woman is given hormonal injections to stimulate her eggs. Our egg donation service in Pune is well-known among the intended parents facing difficulty conceiving a child naturally. In this procedure, when a donor's eggs get matured, a fertility specialist will remove them from the ovaries and prepare it for the In-Vitro Fertilization process. The procedure is done under mild sedation, and the donor can get back to work on the same day.
2What are the risks?
One of the common risks associated with egg donation is Ovarian Hyper-Stimulation Syndrome (OHSS). The woman experience is bloating and excess weight gain in this condition. Discuss with your doctor about all kinds of health risks before signing up for the egg donation procedure. If you are under some medications or birth control pills, bring it to your doctor's knowledge.
3Does it hurt?
During the stimulation procedure, the woman may experience a little discomfort and PMS symptoms such as bloating and irritation. During the egg retrieval process, the doctor uses mild sedation to help the donor experience no pain. After completing the procedure, the donor may experience spotty bleeding and cramps, which may last for a few hours. Your fertility specialist will help you deal with the discomfort via medication or natural tips.
4Is choosing an appropriate egg donor a complicated process?
Egg donation is a successful procedure for women who experienced premature menopause, genetic defects, low egg quantity, poor egg quality, advanced age (above 30-40 age), and other egg-related problems. She can visit our embryo adoption center in Pune, and our experts will do the needful to help her enjoy motherhood.