Embryo Adoption

Adoption is one of the noble deeds performed by couples who love to share their joy with children. In this present age of technology, the adoption of an embryo presents an excellent choice for infertile couples to enjoy the experience of pregnancy. Having recognized the true potential of happiness involved, SaiShree Infertility Hospital has been offering embryo adoption services in Pune in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Techniques. As embryo adoption paves way for healthy birth out of your womb, the emotional attachment is always cherished and respected.

What makes our embryo adoption successful?

At SaiShree Infertility Hospital, in addition to the deployment of cutting edge technologies and latest infrastructure, our health care professionals adopt stringent measures while offering the services of embryo adoption.

  • Frozen embryos of patients under infertility treatment are never donated so as to avoid the progression of fertility issues to the next generation.
  • All the donors are screened as per the norms and only healthy donors are selected for the procedure. Moreover, as a quality policy of our hospital, we select only cryo tolerant sperms retrieved from our donors.
  • As we carry out fertilization of embryo through frozen eggs and sperms in the most natural way, only the fittest and healthiest of sperm succeed and hence it thereby paves way for a strong embryo.
  • The complete embryo donation program is maintained confidential and donors and recipients are never informed about each other.

The process of embryo adoption

As the entire process involves patient and egg donor, our expert medical team ensures complete co-ordination of the program, especially their menstrual cycle to achieve high success rate.

  • While the patient is treated with medication to prepare for the arrival of embryo, the donor is injected to facilitate easy retrieval of eggs.
  • Once the eggs are retrieved, they are injected back into the frozen donor sperms, so that the best of embryo gets formed by the natural way.
  • After couple of days, the developed embryo is transferred to the patient and our specialist doctors provides the do’s and don’ts for the soon to be proud parent.

Legal issues

At SaiShree Infertility Hospital, we always encourage egg donor or embryo adoption schemes, as the legal framework in India is pretty clear and there are no rooms for ambiguity. The child developed through embryo adoption has no genetic connection to the woman carrying the pregnancy. But still, the couple carrying the pregnancy has a fully legal claim over the baby, and what more, it offers absolute privacy and secrecy.

Who can go for embryo adoption?

Our doctors at SaiShree Infertility Hospital offers advice regarding embryo adoption to infertility patients if they have gone through all possible routes to carry their pregnancy out of their genetic traits. Although the verdict of nature can never be challenged, we always consider it as our duty to handover the little bundle of joy to those who have been yearning for years through alternate avenues.

If you are contemplating over embryo adoption in Pune, you can always meet us at our clinic and explore all the options. With affordable costs and state of the art technology and infrastructure, we would never retire until we see the smile on your face.