Embryo Freezing In Pune

What is Embryo Freezing? And How Is It Helpful For Modern-Day Couples?

Embryo freezing is the process of preserving embryos produced through IVF at sub-zero temperatures. This cryogenic storage prevents the embryo cells from aging or multiplying, keeping them immature and healthy for a long time. It is an elective service for couples undergoing IVF to keep their embryos for planning pregnancies after several months or even years.

This process is also called embryo cryopreservation, and it is carried out in a specialized freezer that can maintain a temperature of -196 °C. Thanks to this advanced technology, many couples have been able to save their healthy embryos while treating severe infertility problems or other health problems.

Especially for IVF couples, embryo freezes offer the following benefits:

  • It allows the transfer of fewer embryos per cycle to avoid multiple pregnancies by preserving the extra embryos.
  • It allows women who are undergoing treatment for ovarian disorders to plan their IVF cycle after being treated.
  • It enables couples to plan multiple pregnancies from a single successful ovulation cycle.
  • If the female partner suffers ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), which is one of the IVF complications, the embryos have to be cryopreserved and transferred later.

Couples who don’t need IVF treatments can also opt for embryo freezing in Pune when:

  • The couple is aging and wants to ensure their pregnancy at a much older age
  • One of the partners is undergoing a risky treatment that may lead to infertility problems
  • One of the partners lives away from home or has a life-threatening job

How Is Embryo Freezing Performed?

The embryos chosen for cryopreservation can either be excess embryos produced during an IVF cycle or specially created for preservation through IVF or ICSI treatments. In both cases, the procedure remains the same.

The IVF specialist performs an ovarian stimulation procedure to retrieve the ova (eggs), and sperms will be collected through the semen samples.

Depending on the quality and quantity of the sperms, the egg cells are fertilized either through the petri dish or the ICSI process. The embryos are grown in IVF lab for 3-5 days.

The embryos are incubated with a cryoprotectant that replaces the water in the embryo cells to prevent damage from crystallization. Finally, the embryos are rapidly frozen to subzero temperatures, typically -196 °C, in liquid nitrogen and stored in an incubator through the vitrification process.

It can be stored this way for several years and retrieved using the thawing process whenever required. Thawing involves separating the cryoprotectant from the embryos by placing them in a warm culture media.

Is A Frozen Embryo Safe for Implantation?

The first frozen embryo implantation was successfully executed in 1984. Hence, this technique is much older and more evolved than we know. Though there is limited data, many international studies claim that the pregnancy rate of thawed frozen embryos is similar to that of freshly matured embryos.

Some recent studies also suggest that frozen embryos might offer a higher successful pregnancy rate through IVF techniques with other advantages for the mother and the baby.

The freezing and thawing process can result in embryo stress, but this side effect is negligible in clinical facilities that use the latest technologies for embryo freezing in Pune. Hence, choosing an advanced IVF clinic with experienced doctors for cryopreserving your embryos can ensure their safety while they are stored and handled.

Why Choose Saishree IVF Center For Embryo freezing in Pune?

Saishree IVF is one of the oldest and trusted IVF clinics in Pune, where we strive to offer only the best treatments for our patients. We understand the criticalities and consequences that occur when handling a patient’s future child. Hence, we never compromise on the technological equipment and have installed a large array of diagnostic and surgical tools available today.

If you’re a couple who wishes to ensure a successful pregnancy at a later age, you can always reach out to our experts to learn more about your options for embryo freezing in Pune.

Embryo Freezing FAQs

Is there an alternative to embryo freezing if one wants to preserve the embryos for future IVF cycles?

No, there is no alternative to embryo freezing if one wants to preserve embryos for future use. The embryo cells multiply in a short time frame and must be implanted before they do, or else they need to be discarded.

Are there any side effects of embryo freezing?

The process of cryopreservation has absolutely no side effect on the embryos. And change to the embryos may occur during their handling process or due to equipment malfunction, but these can be avoided by opting for the clinics with the best cryopreservation technology and trained experts.

Are the babies born with frozen embryos normal?

According to this comparative study and another review published in 2016, babies born with cryopreserved embryos showed no unique developmental abnormalities as compared to babies born with fresh embryos.