Embryo transfer – How to Increase Your Chances of Successful Pregnancy?

Supporting Your Partner During Infertility Treatments
Supporting Your Partner During Infertility Treatments
August 13, 2019
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October 18, 2019
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Embryo transfer – How to Increase Your Chances of Successful Pregnancy?

Embryo Transfer How to choose increase your chances of Successful Pregnancy?

Embryo transfer is the most crucial step in IVF treatment. The way you maintain your body during this phase impacts the treatment results. Whether the IVF cycle results in a successful pregnancy or will need another IVF cycle, depends on the diet and lifestyle you choose between the time of embryo transfer and an official pregnancy test.

What is Embryo transfer?
Embryo transfer refers to a process in which the viable embryos are transferred from a lab into the woman’s uterus to carry on with a healthy pregnancy. The embryo is implanted along the uterine lining and after two weeks, the patient is asked to run a blood test to comfirm the pregnancy result.

Women who cannot produce embryos are recommended embryo adoption in Pune. Under this procedure, the couples can adopt healthy embryos from a well-recognized embryo adoption centre in Pune. These embryos are not genetically related to the mother, but a woman can experience pregnancy and childbirth.

How to attain a successful embryo transfer?
First of all, you need to get the best IVF treatment centre in Pune that has professionals with steady hands and accomplished experience. A well-renowned doctor will track down the ultrasound images like a hawk and will release your hard-earned embryos like a pro.

Secondly, women after embryo transfer need to follow a healthy diet and get proper relaxation to avoid stress and anxiety. As the experts suggest, “women after undergoing embryo transfer must eat like they are already pregnant”. It means the patient should avoid alcohol, smoking, and caffeine intake.

A healthy diet for successful IVF embryo transfer includes:
• Leafy green vegetables
• Fresh vegetables
• Fresh fruits
• Sweet potatoes
• Salmon
• Eggs
• Yoghurt
• Broccoli
• Hummus
• Sprouts
• Nuts
• Seeds
• Lean proteins

note: Women who are trying to conceive naturally or via IVF treatments must strictly avoid junk food, processed meat, soft cheeses, alcohol, trans fat, and foods that contain artificial colour and sweeteners.
As a part of our IVF consultation, we guide our patients to take an ample amount of rest and indulge in yoga to relax their body, mind, and soul. A healthy body increases your chances of getting pregnant. Call us today to know more about infertility treatments and embryo adoption cost in India.

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