Experts Revealed These 5 Honest Facts About IVF Which Are Never Discussed Substantially

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Experts Revealed These 5 Honest Facts About IVF Which Are Never Discussed Substantially

Experts Revealed These 5 Honest Facts About IVF Which Are Never Discussed Substantially

Giving birth to a child is a natural process. And infertility is just a hurdle in the path of that process and not a roadblock. But because society has baselessly portrayed infertility as a disease that prevents you from ever having a child, it is hard to convince people that it is a treatable health condition. And with the growing advertisements about how successful IVF is and how advanced its technologies are, people are often misled into believing that an IVF specialist in Pune can offer a technological alternative for natural pregnancy and also a sure-shot solution to infertility.
IVF is only a small medical alternative to remove the hurdle of infertility and allow the natural pregnancy process to occur. There are many such facts that aren’t well understood by the general public. Here are some of these facts that our IVF doctors in Pune want everyone to know:

“Infertility” Is The Symptom, Not A Disorder:

Infertility is a symptom of almost eight different health disorders that hinder the pregnancy process. Many times it is genetic; other times, it’s due to the lifestyle, diet, and other health factors.
Some of these infertility factors can be treated to achieve a natural pregnancy. For those that are untreatable, IVF offers safe and result-driven treatment options to perform the fertilization process successfully.
There’s also unexplained infertility where the underlying cause isn’t determined. It can happen to men and women and should be approached as a medical condition and nothing else.

IVF Can Be A Long (Long) Process:

IVF is not a one-time treatment; it’s a cycle that can take an indefinite amount of time. The initial process where the female eggs are retrieved and male sperms are collected may be done in time, but the later process of fertilizing healthy eggs and waiting for implantations can take a few months.
The natural menstrual cycle is 28 days, but this cycle is modified with additional steps during IVF and takes much more than a month.
Some couples may get it right in the first try, while others may face multiple failed attempts. In any case, their only option is to have faith and keep working with their test tube baby center.

IVF Has Confusing Side Effects:

A grave downside when undergoing IVF is its side effects, which also coincide with some of its success signs.
Fatigue, increased appetite, loss of appetite, nausea, bloating, sore breasts, bleeding, headaches, etc. are just to name a few.
They may create the illusion of a successful pregnancy and later turn out to be an adverse reaction. This can cause severe mental strain and depression, especially in women. This is why our IVF specialist in Pune personally guides all patients to be emotionally strong and practical about their results.

No One Can Guarantee A 100% Successful Pregnancy:

It is a fraud for any IVF hospital to guarantee a 100% successful pregnancy in the first try as the process entirely depends on how the women’s body handles the fertilized eggs after implantation and several other health factors.
Though the success rate has increased significantly, owing to the advancements in the assisted reproductive technology (ART) field, you must not believe that IVF treatments will always be successful. But that doesn’t mean you should give up after a couple of tries.

The Real Challenge Starts After A Successful IVF Cycle:

A successful IVF cycle only clears the first step towards pregnancy. There are the usual challenges and risk factors which you need to tackle to achieve live birth.
At our SaiShree test tube baby clinic, we help our patients all such challenges throughout the months until they are blessed with a healthy and happy child.

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