Explained: Can Women Take COVID-19 Shots While Undergoing IVF Treatment

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Explained: Can Women Take COVID-19 Shots While Undergoing IVF Treatment

Explained Can Women Take COVID-19 Shots While Undergoing IVF Treatment

Ever since the vaccination started and people started getting the jabs, there have been many questions relating to the efficacy, safety, and availability of the vaccine shot.

But the most crucial question among people today is whether pregnant women or the women planning a pregnancy or undergoing IVF treatment receive these shots?

Safety Of Vaccine In Pregnant Women

The second COVID -wave has impacted adversely. Hence, obtaining a vaccine will be a priority for all. The Government of India has given clearance to having COVID vaccine to lactating women; the approval for vaccinating pregnant ladies is still due. Though a study regarding the vaccine on pregnant women has not been conducted and due to data insufficiency, doctors do not give a thumbs up. On the contrary, pregnant women are at higher risk of contracting the disease, and those with comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension are at higher risk of suffering.

Both the vaccines, Covishield and Covax, are formulated without live viruses; hence they should not be harmful. It becomes more important to women engaged as healthcare workers or frontline workers to receive the jabs, as the vaccine proves to be an effective shield against everyday exposure to invisible viruses.

If a woman is planning natural pregnancy and defers the plan for some time, it is advisable to do so and take the shots first as a priority. And if a woman becomes pregnant after the first shot, there is no need to panic. Instead, in consultation with the obstetrician, they may deffer the second shot till after the delivery.

Disclaimer: Pregnancy is a sensitive case; one must take all precautions to stay safe and make informed decisions after consulting your doctor.

Does The Vaccine Negatively Impacts Fertility?

There is a myth that vaccination interferes with fertility, but it is not so. The reason is the vaccine does not interfere with fertility in men and women. Infact, with the second wave ranging high, obtaining vaccine shots should be everyone’s priority.

Women who can deffer their natural pregnancy by some period may surely seek the shots first.

Is IVF A Safe Procedure During The Pandemic?

Most of the people of reproducing age are not at higher risk of contraction. Consult closely with your doctors about the best options to keep you safe along with carrying the treatment. The vaccine can probably be taken while having treatment as it does not cause issues with any type of fertility treatment until having any complication. Those who can deffer the treatment may go ahead and take shots first, but not all couples have a chance to do so. Lowering ovarian reserve and aging can take away the chance of positive results from treatment.

At Saishree IVF Hospital In Pune, we abide by all covid safety norms to keep the couple safe from contact. We schedule online consultation sessions, and the blood sample can be collected with all covid-safety norms. At the clinic, the physical appointments are spaced out, and steps are taken to minimize crowding in the waiting area; we maintain a sanitized ambiance and request our visitors to abide by covid-safety norms for the best protection.

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