Failed IVF

While offering infertility treatments for our patients at SaiShree Infertility Hospital, the best IVF Treatment Centre in Pune, we come across few instances of IVF failures. Although it is common in the medial arena to witness failed IVF, we always make it a point to keep those numbers at bare minimum so that patients need not go for repeat cycle. But what we do when IVF fails?

We review the cycle in depth to understand the outcome of stimulation process, parameters pertaining to egg, fertilization results and also embryo development and transfer. We share these results with our patients to facilitate them to take an informed decision for a second attempt. As a matter of fact, the pictures of embryos are studied in depth before formulating the plan of second cycle.

IVF treatment success rate:

So if you would like to team up with specialists of an IVF centre with highest success rate in Pune, get in touch with us at SaiShree Infertility Hospital. With rich expertise and state of the technology, we are confident of sharing the good news of parenthood at the earliest opportunity.