FAQs about Infertility

1Do only women have infertility issues?

Definitely not! Statistics reveal that while men and women equally share 80% of the reasons for infertility, the rest 20% occurs due to common or unexplained reasons. This is also evident from the count of patients availing infertility treatment at our IVF treatment centre in Pune.

2Are there any other methods other than IVF for reproduction assistance?

Ofcourse, there are several methods in infertility treatment other than IVF. As a matter of fact IVF would not be suggested at our IVF clinic in Pune, without attempting conventional medications and Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI). Again, if conventional IVF fails, there are other methods such as ICSI for improving the chances in IVF.

3After completing IVF, how long does it take to confirm pregnancy?

After transferring the embryo, our IVF specialist in Pune at SaiShree Infertility Hospital would carry out the pregnancy test after 15 days.

4I have already given birth to a child. But why I am facing difficulty in conceiving for second time?

This medical condition is called secondary infertility and it may be due to development of issues such as endometriosis, irregular ovulation, or disease in fallopian tube among women or decline in quality of sperm or its motility for men. For majority of the reasons, we offer comprehensive treatment at our Test tube Baby Centre in Pune and pave way for second child.

5How long should be the gap between a failed IVF and a repeat attempt?

For patients availing IVF treatment in Pune at our medical centre, we strongly recommend to wait atleast for one full menstrual cycle before undergoing a repeated attempt. This would not only resolve the inflammation issues, but would also act as a calming period for the patients.

6How can we be sure of good health of egg donor?

While offering infertility treatment, we do offer egg donation services in Pune as a part of the package. As donor remains anonymous to the couple, health conditions of the donor are completely analyzed to the best of our efforts and knowledge, so as to ensure good match.

7Does the egg donor can make claim of the child?

The couple availing infertility treatment and egg donation in Pune at our clinic remains anonymous to the egg donor and the baby born out of the treatment would have the birth certificate mentioning the name of intended parents only. Hence the donor will not be able to make any claim.

8Is it possible to couple egg donation with surrogacy?

Why not? In the event of absence of uterus or its removal due to medical reasons, doctors at our surrogacy hospital in Pune have performed surrogacy arrangements along with egg donated by a donor.

9Once we have confirmed to avail your infertility treatment through surrogacy services, is it possible for us to choose the surrogate mother?

To help our patients who have decided to opt for surrogacy. It is worthwhile to note here that the surrogates present in our database have been medically screened, tested and have given atleast one normal birth on previous occasion.

10Why should we choose you for infertility treatment through surrogacy?

Be it for high success rate of our infertility treatment through surrogacy or the acumen of our specialist doctors or even the best possible choice of surrogates in our database, we have been the most sought after and best surrogacy centre in Pune. Infact, the success of our treatment is evident from smiles we have created among our numerous patients.