Female Infertility treatment

SaiShree Infertility Hospital, in a mission to spread the joy of parenthood, have always been recommending fertility tests for women who have been unsuccessful in achieving pregnancy for more than a year. While offering our fertility treatment in Pune, we make sure to conduct diagnostic tests on both partners, so as to find the actual reason behind the infertility.

The main reasons behind infertility among women are:

  • Damaged fallopian tubes
  • Hormonal issues
  • Cervical and uterine issues
  • Unexplained problems

Treatment at SaiShree Hospitals’ Fertility Centre for Woman in Pune is always comprehensive in nature and proceeded at normal pace without rushing through them. As a first step towards infertility treatment in Pune at our clinic, we suggest female partners to undergo Hysterosalpingography and Laparoscopy to detect blockage of fallopian tubes or any abnormal growth in uterus or ovaries respectively.

As many of the problems can be rectified through medications and minor surgeries such as hysteroscopy, we normally do not proceed with Assisted Reproductive Techniques like In vitro fertilization or intrauterine insemination until all the options have been exhausted.