How Does PCOS affect woman’s fertility?

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How does PCOS affect woman fertility

Trying for a baby can be very exciting as well as stressful times for to-be mothers. While some women easily get pregnant within first few tries, other women struggle for months, many unsure of the root problem. Waiting for a positive result can be very frustrating even when one strictly follows the rulebook. One of the reasons why a woman can’t get pregnant might be due to her PCOS condition. At Saishree, the Infertility Specialist in Pune, we today discuss the effect of PCOS on fertility in women.

But before we explain the effect of PCOS on woman’s fertility, let us understand what is PCOS. A hormone-related medical condition, PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, develops when a woman’s body produces too many male hormones, known as androgens. Although a certain level of androgen production is normal, it’s over-production can prevent ovulation and cause an irregular menstrual cycle, making it difficult to get pregnant.

Symptoms of PCOS:

1. Period problems – eg heavy or irregular periods, or no periods at all

2. Excessive hair growth – thick or dark hair on the face, arms or other parts of the body

3. Acne – excess oil production can lead to pimples or acne

4. Hair loss

5. Weight gain

6. Depression or anxiety

While not every woman with PCOS will face problem during pregnancy, but studies have shown that a large proportion of women with fertility issues have PCOS. In this condition, the ovaries contain many small cysts, that are sacs in which eggs develop. But with PCOS, due to hormonal abnormalities, the development of sacs is not proper, and are unable to release an egg causing erratic or failed ovulation. The chances of miscarriage are also high in women with PCOS.

The symptoms of PCOS is more prominent in overweight women. Therefore in order to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy, women with PCOS need to lose weight to improve their fertility and regulate their periods. With the right diet and exercise, one can achieve the ideal weight that will improve the hormonal imbalance, bringing back the menstrual cycle to normalcy. Research shows that even five percent reduction in weight can have a tremendous impact on a woman’s body ability to conceive.

Doctors at Saishree IVF, the renowned Fertility Centre In Pune, recommend maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index, which will help balance the hormone levels, reduce the high insulin level that often occurs in PCOS, helping a woman ovulate better.

Providing the best infertility Treatment In Pune, we at Saishree help bring new hope to couples who have been unable to conceive naturally. Women with PCOS can have a safe pregnancy with the IVF treatment at our infertility center where our expert team of doctors will be with them at every step of the procedure. With the help of cutting-edge infrastructure and the latest technologies at our IVF treatment Centre in Pune, our dexterous team strives to render the best ever possible treatment for infertility.

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