There are no words of consolation or any gesture that can heal the pain of having a miscarriage. Only with time, the intensity of pain will lessen and you will move on to better things in life. While you may feel guilty of not taking enough care in your pregnancy, there is nothing much you could have done. A pregnancy gets naturally terminated only if the body concludes that the fetus has some genetic issues or problems that could have surfaced in the future. Fertility centers in Pune have observed that 15-20% of pregnancies end in miscarriages and is a common occurrence than you think, which means you are not alone in this grief.

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Hundreds of couples undergo the same fate and experience a whirlwind of emotions trying to come to terms with the tragedy. As you feel overwhelmed with sadness and pain, psychologists have suggested that you feel all these emotions once and for all. The more you are in denial, the more it will hurt you. It is recommended to vent out all your emotions and get rid of all the guilt and anger and relieve yourself from all the pain. The grief of bereavement can leave you isolated and alone. What helps in such situations is that you share your emotions with your loved ones and seek their support. Additionally, you can share your experiences with other couples who have gone through the same episode but only if you feel comfortable opening up.

While it is only natural to be skeptical about conceiving again, it is very unlikely that an event of miscarriage will cause any problems next time you are trying to have a baby. There is no such apt time to start trying again but only when you and your partner are ready, both physically and emotionally. Fertility centers in Pune recommend that you rebuild your strength before you conceive again. It is advisable to give your body the chance to have one or two periods before trying to get pregnant.


During your first follow-up appointment after a miscarriage, ensure you talk to your doctor about your doubts and fears of conceiving again. You may have questions about whether your next pregnancy could be affected by a previous miscarriage, and this is a good time to ask for a reassurance.

In order to avoid chances of recurrent miscarriages, it is advised to take good care of yourself and cut out anything that may cause you extra worry. Help your body get ready for another pregnancy by having a nourishing diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Follow a gentle exercise regime to increase your chances of having a healthy pregnancy and avoid taking too much stress.

If you have conceived on an IVF cycle, talk to your doctors and if you are ready, try for another IVF cycle. At Saishree IVF, our experienced and compassionate staff will work with you to help achieve the dream of parenthood. We offer our comprehensive support throughout the complete treatment cycle that includes patient-friendly approach and compassionate counseling.

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