ICSI Treatment

ICSI, standing for Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, is the most promising and breakthrough Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatment for sperm related male infertility problems. Usually deployed in conjunction with IVF, ICSI is a boon for male patients who have trouble with the sperm counts or motility. At SaiShree Infertility Hospital, the most sought after ICSI treatment center in Pune adopts the best technology to achieve parenthood for our patients

Necessity of ICSI

ICSI has gained popularity since the last decade, and it has completely revolutionized the infertility treatment procedure where the root cause of the problem was with sperm. For instance, a woman can't conceive without ICSI if her male partner has the following medical conditions

  • Very low sperm count or motility
  • Complete absence of sperm in semen (Azoospermia)
  • Issues with vas deferens
  • Irreversible vasectomy
  • Retrograde ejaculation

Moreover, ICSI is considered as good option even for the following situations:

In the event of failure of Intra-Uterine insemination (IUI) or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), thick outer covers of eggs get released by older women. It is worth emphasizing at this juncture that ICSI renders an incredible success rate of 75% for embryo formation and has become the defector treatment procedure for IVF.

How it is performed?

The procedures followed for the ICSI is more or less similar to that of IVF, except for the combination of sperm and egg to form embryo.

  • Controlled ovarian stimulation with the fertility drugs to enhance the production of matured eggs.
  • Continuous monitoring of egg development
  • Retrieval of matured eggs and their isolation in laboratory.
  • Analysis of semen sample to find the sperm count. If the sperm count is zero in semen sample, sperms are collected from testis through PESA / TESA.

Once the embryo forms after few days since fertilization, they are carefully placed in the uterus and the IVF route is further proceeded.

What makes us favorite destination

Having offered ICSI treatment in Pune for numerous patients, we can confidently attribute the success to the expert hands of our specialist doctors working in tandem with cutting edge technology and infrastructure. Moreover, the in-depth diagnostics carried out by ICSI specialist doctors in Pune make a comprehensive plan for the whole treatment procedure and leave no stone unturned until the success story is scripted. Hence, it is no wonder SaiShree Infertility Hospital stands tall among other counterparts and being preferred by the patients to maximize the chances of conception.

Effectiveness of ICSI treatment

Among all other options, ICSI is definitely the most successful treatment for male infertility. Although the chances of fertilization hover around 75%, the success rate of ICSI in leading towards pregnancy is completely dependent on IVF. If necessary, we also offer laser-assisted hatching and thereby enhance the chance of implantation. As SaiShree Infertility Hospital believes in educating patients to make an informed decision, all our methodologies, treatment techniques, anticipated expenditure, and success rates are discussed well in advance with the patients.

If you have experienced recurrent failures in IVF or IUI, do not lose hope. Aided with ICSI we can definitely try our best to make you proud parents. Schedule an appointment to discuss in detail and for further diagnostic studies.