Is It Safe To Take Painkillers During Your Pregnancy?

One of the biggest concerns for expecting mothers during pregnancy is if medications are safe and if yes, which ones; if not, what effects can it have on the baby. Your first instinct is to take them as it is not easy to bear the pain but on a second thought will it cause any harm? The team at Saishree IVF, having the best of Infertility specialists in Pune, have the answer to all your questions and doubts:

Is it safe to take painkillers during pregnancy?

Though it is safe to take paracetamol during pregnancy, regular use can be harmful since the chemical compounds from these medications enter the placenta into the baby’s bloodstream. The particles of the medications are minuscule and can cross the barrier which is normally protected by your placenta. The particles can also mix with other sources of nutrition that crosses from you to your baby. Some of the most common harmful side-effects caused by medicines include birth defects and labor or delivery complications.

Which medications are safe?

Paracetamol is one of the safest painkillers during pregnancy but only when if it is taken in low doses for brief periods of time. It can be used to treat mild to moderate pain and a high temperature.

Which medications should be avoided?

Ibuprofen should be avoided during early pregnancy as it can upset the stomach in some pregnant mothers. Other risks involved are associated with cardiovascular health and reduction in amniotic fluids in the placenta are linked to the use of ibuprofen during the third trimester of pregnancy.

It is also advised to avoid aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen since it has been reported that taking these medicines in early pregnancy may lead to miscarriage and congenital disabilities.

How do medications affect the baby?

Using potent medicines during early pregnancy can affect fetal development and result in low birth weights depending on the types of medicines taken. Expecting mothers who take opioids expose the baby to the risk of having neural tube birth defect.

Those whose take over the counter drugs in high doses have a chance of stunting emotional and social development along with birth deformities surfacing during the second and third trimester weeks of pregnancy. This is because the fetus is said to be very sensitive during this stage due to developing cognitive functions and organs.

Alternative remedies for relieving pain:

  • One can take warm baths for shooting pains and cramps related to your abdominal muscles

  • It is also advised to take up prenatal yoga which involves gentle exercises promoting health and well-being

  • Doctors recommend sleeping in an inclined position to prevent heartburn

  • Avoid stimulating laxatives to prevent inducing preterm labor

  • Use heating pads to relieve backaches during pregnancy

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