IUI Treatment

IUI Intrauterine Insemination is a form of artificial insemination recommend to patients strike by infertility. IUI is a very simple procedure where the washed and concentrated sperm is directly inserted inside the woman's uterus to get pregnant. It is a simple, low-tech procedure, and is mostly in-expensive compared to the other fertility treatment options. At Saishree IVF, our dedicated team of fertility specialists has an impressive record of delivering successful IUI treatment and helping couples rejoice parenthood.

When do patients need IUI treatment?

We often recommend couples to consider IUI treatment for the following reasons:

  • If a woman wants to consider a donor sperm due to her partner’s reproductive health issues
  • In case the reason behind infertility cannot be determined, we recommend IUI treatment
  • If the male partner encounters below-average sperm concentration, motility of sperm, and abnormally shaped sperm
  • In case the female partner is semen allergic and form swelling, redness, or burning sensation where the semen contacts the skin

Why Saishree IVF?

IUI treatment, at Saishree IVF, is performed under the excellent guidance of certified experts. The decision of choosing IVF is a daunting phase for all the couples. Therefore, our state of the art facility and tech-equipped clinic makes sure the patients get a relaxed, warm, and friendly environment. Schedule your appointment with Saishree IVF specialists and take the first step towards embracing parenthood.

What is the success rate?

Akin to many of the infertility treatments, the success rate of the procedure is dependent on several factors including, the age of woman, reproductive history, reasons for infertility, lifestyle habits, and existing medical issues and complications. That being said, the high success or pregnancy rates of patients undergoing IVF Treatment in Pune at our medical center are attributed to the motivated doctors and their rich expertise in assisted reproduction.