IVF Guide

SaiShree Infertility Hospital is a premier IVF treatment centre in Pune striving towards the betterment of couples’ life by creating avenues for parenthood. As our specialist doctors recommends IVF only after encountering unsatisfactory results through medications and IUI, complete care as per the standard protocol is meticulously provided on two counts:

  • To avoid recurring expenditure on treatment process
  • To mitigate escalation in psychological parameters

At our test tube baby centre in Pune, we strictly follow 6 steps to ensure good outcome of the procedure:

  • Scans to monitor the treatment protocol and also to assess the growth of follicles.
  • Injection of HCG hormone at appropriate time to mature eggs
  • Egg collection through ultrasound guidance under mild sedation
  • Fertilization of eggs with partner’s sperm and development of embryo
  • Transfer of embryo into uterus
  • Pregnancy tests after ten days of embryo transfer

Although these procedures sound simple, we meticulously perform them so as to enhance the results of the procedure. If you would like to know the complete details of each and every step of IVF, you can always schedule an appointment and discuss with us.