The past century has seen remarkable achievements in the field of medical science where not just lives were saved from deadly diseases but also new lives were conceived using modern reproductive techniques such as ART or IVF. While these procedures have existed for more than half a century and have helped millions of couples fulfill the dream of becoming parents, there still prevails numerous myths around these treatments. One of the most apprehensive topics among Assisted Reproductive Techniques is Embryo Adoption. As Embryo Adoption in Pune has caught the attention of prospective couples, many seem to misunderstand the concept. Following we discuss the common myths related to embryo adoption and what the actual procedure entails:

1. The donor will claim the child:

One of the biggest fear among couple who go for embryo adoption is that the donor parents will eventually take the child once he/she is born from the embryo. This fear comes out of lack of understanding among the donor and adopting parents and the law pertaining to embryo adoption. During the adoption process, the donating family signs a legal document surrounding their rights to the embryos. Therefore, the donor cannot legally exercise any claim on the children born from the donated embryos.

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2. Your chances of getting pregnant with an embryo are very low:

Being hesitant with the success rate of the procedure is very normal in embryo adoption. Many couples feel they won’t be able to carry a successful pregnancy with an adopted embryo as it is frozen. But there are substantial reasons why embryo adoption will work because most embryos which are donated come from families who themselves have carried a successful pregnancy from their own frozen embryos. Also, before freezing, most embryos are tested for quality and viability.

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3. Thawed embryos have a high chance of being deformed:

With embryos being frozen, the development ceases and as soon as it is thawed, the development starts again. If the embryos were viable when it was frozen, there is no chance any change will happen during the thawing process.

4. Egg donors are only in it for the money:

While couples receive compensation for egg donation but their main motive is to help those couples who are unable to conceive naturally. Most women go for egg/embryo donation because they recognize the importance of being pregnant in a woman’s life and understand how many of them to struggle with getting pregnant. Egg donors are screened carefully to determine their motive and if it is felt that they are only for money, they are rejected from being a donor.

At Saishree IVF, the renowned Embryo Adoption Centre In Pune, we are always grateful to the donor parents who perform the noble deed of helping childless couples in fulfilling the dream of being parents. Having recognized the true potential of happiness involved, SaiShree Infertility Hospital has been offering embryo adoption services in Pune in conjunction with Assisted Reproductive Techniques. Apart from the Best IVF Doctors In Pune, our facility provides cutting edge technologies and latest infrastructure, while offering the services of embryo adoption. All the donors are screened as per the norms and only healthy donors are selected for the procedure. Moreover, as a quality policy of our hospital, we select only cryo tolerant sperms retrieved from our donors. As the entire process involves patient and egg donor, our expert medical team ensures complete co-ordination of the program, especially their menstrual cycle to achieve high success rate.

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