Quit Smoking to Prolong Your Genetic Legacy

There are enough thoughts given on smoking and how it affects a person’s health that may or may not end up in a fatal disease like lung cancer. Infertility is the last thing people of modern generation give a thought to. Lack of responsibility or carefree nature- we all come up with pretty convincing escapes while confronted with “smoking is injurious to health”.
Saishree IVF – One of the most well-renowned Hospitals built with the best infertility doctor in Pune reveals one in ten patients who struggle to conceive are smoking addicts. No offense, infertility is a common physical problem young generation suffers and we rest assured on the numerous treatments available in medical science to conquer fertility. Despite, the inflation in couples who fail to conceive, smoking addiction is still an alarming concern for the couples and the doctors.
If we look into the reports, 15% of the couples who plan on parenthood face some sort of infertility complications. Where female infertility is the most discussed topic in our society, male infertility issues are not alien to them. Absorb it in your thoughts or not, smoking is responsible for growing these statistical reports, both in men and women.
Smoking deflates the sperm quality and its motility. As a result, the sperms struggle penetrating inside the egg and the couple fails at conceiving. Smoking alone cannot be the cause of infertility but it does play a vital role in deteriorating the quality of sperm, its swimming speed, and any abnormality in the shape of the sperm. Least a person (male or female) could possibly do is quit smoking if they are planning on parenthood.
IVF (In – Vitro Fertilization)
The IVF treatment in Pune is exposed to both male and female infertility. In male infertility treatment, reproductive hormones are being stimulated with the help of hormonal injections. Once the sperms are presumed to come in good physical shape, the quality sperm is selected and injected into the female womb. This fusion results in embryo development.
On the other hand, smoking can also be one of the many reasons for female infertility. Consumption of cigarettes or any alcoholic substance disturbs the whole ovulation process in female and could lead to hormonal dysfunction, ultimately resulting in infertility.
Why Saishree IVF?
Our Infertility Specialist in Pune believes in leaving no stone unturned to help our patients achieve successful parenthood. After all, no parent should ever settle deprived of not having children that carry their own genetic legacy. Henceforth, we constantly update our operating equipment, laboratories, and treatment approach because no patient has the same problem and no treatment would present the same result on each patient challenged by infertility. Flexibility is the only ultimate solution to help couples achieve a successful pregnancy and healthy childbirth.

Saishree IVF
Saishree IVF
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