Single Vs Multiple Embryo Transfers – How To Choose?

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Single Vs Multiple Embryo Transfers How to choose?

There are many infertility treatments available for couples who had difficulty conceiving through regular unprotected sex. During IVF, multiple eggs are harvested and fertilized, which often results in the formation of multiple embryos ready to be transferred in the woman’s uterus. How many embryos you want to get moved to your womb will impact the rest of your life. Often the choices present are not easy to make. Where more embryos implanted in the uterus increase the chances of a successful pregnancy, it also increases the risk of multiple pregnancies and risks associated with it.

Our team of best IVF doctors in Pune will explain the importance of single and multiple embryo transfer at Saishree IVF, Pune. If you are looking for answers whether or not to choose multiple embryo transfer, visit our clinic and our specialist doctors will guide you with what works best for you.

Why choose a single embryo transfer?

Couples often choose a single embryo transfer to prevent multiple births. Multiple pregnancies might be overwhelming at first but carrying more than one baby in a womb, increases health risks for both the mother and children.

There are chances that the babies might get born prematurely with low birth weights. The risks are even higher in the case of triplets. Women carrying multiple babies at once are prone to develop gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and other health conditions.

Who is an ideal candidate for single embryo transfer?

Women who undergo single embryo transfer and are under 35, witness a higher chance of success rate both in single and multiple embryo transfer. However, women who exceed the age 35, should prefer multiple embryo transfer to increase their chances of a healthy pregnancy.

Why choose multiple embryo transfer?

Couples who undergo IVF treatment desire to get pregnant as soon as possible with fewer IVF cycles. To make it possible, couples opt for multiple embryo transfer at a time. Transferring multiple embryos at a time might not result in multiple pregnancies for every woman. Also, not all women need to transfer multiple embryos to conceive each embryo.

At our embryo adoption centre in Pune, many couples donate their additional embryos to be adopted by couples who are suffering from infertility problems but can conceive a child through embryo transfer.

Who is an ideal candidate for multiple embryo transfer?

Not all patients are ideal for multiple embryo transfer. The primary factor to consider before taking such a decision is the woman’s age. Women who are older than 35 might be benefitted by multiple embryo transfer because at this age, their egg quality decreases. The quality of eggs plays an integral part in IVF treatment to affect the embryo’s ability to implant in the uterus.

Women who are younger than 35 must be prepared for the chance of having multiple pregnancies if they are opting for multiple embryo transfer. If you are looking for the best IVF doctor to discuss your queries and concerns or want to know more about our embryo adoption in Pune, call us today.

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