Things You Should Know Before Considering A Sperm Donor

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Things You Should Know Before Considering A Sperm Donor

Things You Should Know Before Considering A Sperm Donor

The infertility journey can be overwhelming. Couples want to understand and experiment with every method to conceive a child that carries their genetic legacy. However, at times, due to some genetic disease and fear of transmitting those diseases to the future child, couples prefer a sperm donor of good health and impressive medical history. Couples of the LGBT category also intend to start a family and opt for a sperm donor method to conceive a child at our fertility clinic in Pune.

Before choosing a sperm donor from a donor bank or asking a close family or friend, it will be wise first to understand all the aspects of selecting a sperm donor. Our infertility specialist has curated some important things one must know before choosing this option.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is caused due to low sperm count, poor sperm quality, and the inability to produce sperms.  A sperm donor is often recommended to couples where the male partner cannot impregnate his female partner due to some inadequacy. Male infertility is common in India, and one should open up this topic. There are different treatments, medications, and therapy available to cure male impotence and help couples bear children.

However, the decision to have someone else’s child can be unnerving to some couples. But sometimes it can be the only option and trust us when we say, “Things change for good after the baby gets born.”

The Sperm Donor

He can be anyone – an anonymous name you don’t want to know personally or someone close to your family or friends. There are donor banks where one can find a potential and healthy sperm donor. The eligibility to get selected as a sperm donor is very strict in these sperm banks. The donors have to go through many medical tests to ensure they are not suffering from any disease. Medical history is examined to determine if the donor has a family history of any disease or health condition. The parents can check the donor’s portfolio to understand him better before finalizing their decision.

The fertility clinics can help you find the right sperm donor or sperm bank.

Who is recommended to choose a sperm donor?

Many male partners’ sperm quality is poor, which may not be suitable for the future child. The man may be suffering from some genetic problem or congenital disability, which he doesn’t want to pass on to his kid. Therefore, the fertility specialist recommends a donor sperm when the male partner has:

  • Very weak sperm
  • Abnormally shaped sperm
  • Lack of sperm motility
  • Genetic issues
  • Chromosomal abnormalities
  • Azoospermia
  • Oligospermia

Couples of the same sex, who want to experience parenthood, can also choose a donor sperm method. The success rate for donor sperm method highly depends on the type of donor you choose, the female partner’s age (women under the age of 35 have higher chances of conceiving compared to women above age 35), and the expertise of the fertility centre that you choose.

To learn more about a sperm donor, cost, and procedure, you can contact Saishree IVF hospital, the most well-renowned IVF centre in Pune, with an impressive record of helping intended couples enjoy parenthood.

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