What Is Test Tube Baby Treatment? When Do I Need It?

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What Is Test Tube Baby Treatment? When Do I Need It?

What Is Test Tube Baby Treatment_ When Do I Need It_

Infertility is one of the most common medical conditions couples face due to hormonal issues, poor diet, stress, overweight, and health factors. Infertility can happen with both men and women, but fortunately, medical advancements can now help couples experience parenthood regardless of infertility complications.

Test tube baby treatment, medically termed as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), is one of the most successful treatments to overcome infertility issues and welcome a new life. We understand couples find it challenging to open about their infertility journey. However, knowing your options will certainly help you make the right decisions in life. Here are a few things every intended couple should know regarding test tube baby treatment. Before that, if you are facing difficulty conceiving, immediately consult our experts at Saishree IVF, the most renowned test tube baby centre in Pune.

What is Test Tube Baby Treatment?

Natural pregnancy happens when the sperm enters the woman’s vagina and flows through the uterus, where the matured eggs is fertilized by the sperm, and pregnancy occurs. Infertility occurs when one or both partners lack reproductive factors that play a crucial role in conceiving.

Test tube baby treatment or IVF process at Saishree IVF – the best test tube baby hospital in Punebegins with medication for 2-3 weeks to help the woman suppress her natural menstrual cycle. When the eggs become mature enough, our IVF specialist will perform a small surgery called the “Egg retrieval” process in which the matured eggs are collected using a thin needle-like instrument. The specialist then keeps the eggs in an environmentally controlled chamber and infuses the sperm provided by the male partner or donor.

After a few weeks, the best-fertilized embryos are chosen for the embryo transfer procedure. When one of the embryos stick to the womb’s lining, the IVF procedure gets successful as the woman gets pregnant and healthily delivers her child.

When do you need a test tube baby treatment?

Here are a few factors that decide the couple’s candidature for IVF treatment:
• Fallopian tube blockage due to ectopic pregnancy
• Multiple follicles develop during the stimulation process.
• Couples had unprotected sex for more than one year and yet couldn’t conceive naturally,with failed initial treatment.
• The female partner has a less ovarian reserve
• A woman after the age of 35-40 often faces difficulty conceiving and may require IVF treatment
• 10% of couples experience infertility due to unexplained reasons.

At Saishree IVF, we have the best IVF doctors in Pune who not only focuses on suggesting the treatment but also believes in patient education to ensure the couples take the right decision before planning a new member in the house. Get your appointment today with our expert IVF specialists and doctors.

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