What is the difference between IVF and test-tube babies?-Debunking IVF Myths

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What is the difference between IVF and test-tube babies?-Debunking IVF Myths

What is the difference between IVF and test-tube babies-Debunking IVF Myths

Is The Test -Tube baby and IVF process different?
Test tube baby is a non-medical term used alternatively to IVF treatment. So, technically test-tube babies and IVF babies are the same. The test tube baby or IVF process is an assisted reproductive process that helps infertile couples conceive their babies in-vitro, i.e., through external assistance. In India, 10% to 15% of men have infertility issues, and thirty million couples are diagnosed with infertility issues, out of which three million actively resort to infertility treatments.

Two decades ago, test-tube babies were a much-debated topic, and people lacked complete knowledge about the process and brewed many myths that took off hope from many young aspiring couples wanting to have babies. So, this article intends to debunk the myths related to test-tube babies and the IVF process for better clarity in making conscious decisions.

#Myth 1: Test tube babies are not genetically the same
Test tube babies are formed by extracting, mixing, and fertilizing the female oocyte with the sperms in the lab, in vitro. Since the process is gametes based, hence test baby babies are genetically the same. However, a couple can also choose to use other embryos for reproduction with legal formalities.

# Myth 2: Test-tube babies are comparatively weak
No such evidence has been found that test-tube babies are comparatively weak. It is an almost four-decade-old procedure, with constantly improving results. Today, over 6 million test tube babies have been produced worldwide.

# Myth 3: Since test-tube babies are not naturally born, they cannot produce their young ones
Neither are they genetically different, nor are they weak. Hence, there is no question that they cannot produce their young ones. On July 25th, 1978, Louis Brown, born in Oldham, England, was the first test-tube baby. Multiple studies conducted on her proved IVF process safe and natural reproduction possible to test-tube babies.

The IVF process has been very well adopted in almost all nations for the last four decades. Many couples visit India for their IVF process because the treatment cost is much lower compared to western countries, and IVF success probabilities are higher due to the latest advancements.

Our test tube baby center in Pune has garnered several couples who extoll for our friendly approach and high IVF success rates.

So, don’t let infertility shatter your child planning. Visit Saishree IVF center in Pune to receive a world-class and goal-oriented fertility treatment.

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