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April 9, 2019
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Why Do I Need an Egg Donor?

Why Do I Need an Egg Donor?

If a couple cannot conceive through fertility procedures such as In-Vitro Fertilization, egg donation in Pune can be considered to achieve a successful pregnancy. We often hear news of couples at their 40 getting pregnant and delivering a healthy baby but what we are not told is they chose an egg donor to help them conceive a child through IVF. Let us know why?

A woman is born with all the eggs inside her ovaries. As she starts aging, this finite number of eggs decline and also the quality of her remaining eggs. When a woman in her late thirties wants to start a family of her own and conceive a child, she might want to consider using donor eggs. Also, women who went through multiple IVF cycles or multiple miscarriages might find the egg donation in Pune as their one true chance of rejoicing parenthood.

Who can Consider Egg Donation?

Women with the following health condition might find egg donation helpful:

  • Women who tried to have a baby for many years but made failed attempts
  • Women who postponed her family goals to pursue her personal goals and now cannot conceive naturally
  • An injury or medical condition (Chemotherapy or ovarian surgery) that affected her ovaries
  • Strike with early menopause
  • Women with few numbers of ovarian eggs
  • A specific genetic condition that the couples don’t want their baby to inherit

Things to Remember Before Considering an Egg Donor

A woman considering using an egg donor must first have a complete evaluation of her physical health, medical history, and genetic health, detect and correct any health condition that might affect her fertilization, implantation, and pregnancy. The decision of undergoing fertility treatment is a daunting challenge. Make sure you talk to your doctor whether or not to consider an egg donor, as it has its own psychological benefits and challenges. Therefore, our best IVF treatment centre in Pune suggests our patients to thoroughly understand the entire process, risks, success rate, and aftercare.

The good news is that using an egg donor is a practical solution to all of your fertility issues. The better news is IVF through egg donation has a higher success rate. The best news is, although you might not be genetically attached to your child, the joy of carrying that child in your womb, delivering that child, and becoming a mother will all be worth it. 

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